Windy Willows Residential Community

To parents of Special Needs/Intellectually challenged young adults

Do you need a weekend break?

Would you like to book a weeks holiday camp for your young adult?

Would your young dependent adult like to participate in a social group that meets on a monthly basis?

Windy Willows Residential Community now offers parents of intellectually challenged young adults an opportunity to take a break, and to let your young dependent adults enjoy time with a community of his/her peers.

Social club for intellectually challenged young adults: Windy Willows has a full time House Mother and support staff who look after our full time residents. On a monthly basis Windy Willows has been hosting a social club of 12 to 15 young intellectually challenged adults who get together to watch movies, play pool, listen to music, play volley ball, participate in arts and crafts, and generally just hang out together. The social club starts at 3pm on a Saturday, includes supper, a sleep over, and breakfast the next morning. The young adults reluctantly go home at around midday on Sunday. The Social Club costs R75 for the evening or R150 for the overnight.

Windy Willows is now offering parents weekend get-aways where you can book your young adults in from Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. They will spend their time with the full time residents under the care of our House mother and staff while you get a chance to take a well-earned break. The two day weekend costs R390 per person. Please note that due to space constraints advance booking is essential.

Windy Willows is planning five day holiday camps for up to 8 visitors at a time. The holiday camps will take place at our premises in Honeydew and will involve morning activities at the Nursery including planting vegetables; making compost heaps; picking herbs; and preparing flower beds. Afternoon activities will be arranged in the area including nature walks; sporting activities; arts and crafts workshops; dancing groups; and yoga classes. Evenings will be for hanging out together and developing new friendships. Campers will be given daily chores such as helping to cook and clean and wash up. The five day camp at Windy Willows costs R795 per person. Camps are subject to numbers. A minimum of six people are required for each camp.

Contact Shelly on 082 857 0337 or visit our Website on Directions on the website.