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 About Us

Ezra  Recovery Centre  was founded by Pastor Alan and Amelia Ebel in 2010. Alan was an addict himself. Our passion is to break the chains of drug addiction and the effects that it has on the families in South Africa and to provide a drug prevention programme for the youth.

Ezra Recovery Centre values are based on Christian principles. We are situated on a tranquil farm outside Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Ezra recovery centre is registered as a N.P.C. 2015/169234/08, and is in the process of registering with social development.

Treating a person with a chemical substance abuse problem does not only involve keeping them substance free. It involves the gaining of insight into the severity of their problem and changing negative attitudes and behaviours. For many, these negative attitudes and behaviours have become a part of their lives for many years and change is a process that takes time.

Our vision is to provide those who are dependent on substances with the proper tools and knowledge, so that they can make the right choices to lead a successful drug free lifestyle and become an asset to society once again.

We treat people struggling with Alcohol, Tobacco, Dagga, Mandrax, Heroin, Methcathinone, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Crack, Solvents, Inhalants, and prescription drugs.