Problem person related

Is TOUGHLOVE® only for drug addicts?
No, we are a support group for families dealing with unacceptable behaviour, whatever the cause.

Is TOUGHLOVE® only for teenagers? 

No, but problem family members are often under 30.

My loved one threatens suicide, what can I do?
Keep the lines of communication open with your Problem Person, seeing a trained drug wise counsellor is a good idea and your group will also help
you through this one. 

My loved one is depressed, what should I do?
As above, this is a common state of their affliction and it’s here that you might be able to convince them to seek professional help.

My son doesn't use drugs but he's horrid, rude and undisciplined. Can I still join?
Yes, you shouldn't have to put up with unacceptable behaviour, even if it’s “not so serious”.

My loved one plays games all the time, what can I do?
It is here with the help of your TOUGHLOVE® group that you can start to put sensible boundaries in the house.

My loved one is on mix-it all the time, what can I do?
Same as above.

How do I know they are going to meetings?
You cannot actually police them all the time, you will certainly find out if they are not, then with the help of the Group logical consequences will come
into play.

Should I be taking them?
This depends entirely on the age but at some point they must want to attend their own meetings.

Should I find a sponsor for my loved one?
If they have been to a rehab, then this will occur logically.

How do I keep my loved one busy?
Your Group will help you with this as you can only do one thing at a time.

My loved one has no friends
Your Group will assist you in finding ways to address this problem.

My loved one has bad friends what can I do?
Putting solid boundaries into the home with logical consequences starts to address this, as they soon find it difficult to ‘do what they want to’ all the time

My loved one is only using occasionally
This is actually a misnomer, one soon learns by attending meetings that we are often in denial as to the extent of the problem. Again TOUGHLOVE® will help you to deal with the bad behaviours which they cannot get away with.