Parents related

Parents related

How often should I do a drug test?
Unacceptable behaviours indicate issues/problems; these should be addressed first in your group meetings at TOUGHLOVE®. Thereafter random tests can be conducted but again the group will assist in the techniques to be used.

Do I have to talk about my problems in public?
Only when you are ready to do so.

How do I know the test is accurate?
The test kits from reputable Pharmacy’s are freely available and cover most of the drugs currently being used.

I want to know how long my loved one has been using?
It’s unlikely you will ever get a definitive answer to this, at TOUGHLOVE® we only look forward.

What will happen when they relapse?
We will deal with that if and when it occurs.

Should I look out for a job?
Your life should not be compromised in any way; you should do things when they are sensible for you to do so.

Should I change schools?
We wouldn’t suggest anything so drastic, but these issues can be discussed by your family and your Group if it is foremost in your mind.

Should we move?
Only change your lifestyle if that is what you plan to do for yourselves, do not let your Problem Person dictate proceedings.

What will happen if my loved one does not finish school?
TOUGHLOVE® will teach you to take one ‘day at a time’, it is impossible to predict the future.

What will happen if my loved one does not want to go to school?
As above.

My loved one sits at home and refuses to find a job?
This is covered by many of the FAQ’s above – by starting to change your behaviour and by implementing boundaries it becomes increasingly difficult
for your Problem Person to live in your house under their terms

Do I pay the bail?
This depends on your progression in the program and their willingness to recover

Do I fund the fines?
Usually not, at some point you need to hand the problem over to where it belongs – regardless of the consequences.  This actually presents you an
opportunity to stop enabling them

Do I pay the outstanding accounts?
As above

Do I pay for the rehab?
In the beginning this would be advisable; however after repeated visits
(and your circumstances) it’s definitely an issue which should be addressed
with the counsellors and your Problem Person