Rehabilitation centres related

Rehabilitation Centres related

Does rehab work?
Certainly, but in our experience they need to work the program for a sufficient time period, often greater than 9 months.

Does a six week program work?
It could, but certainly needs to be discussed as their depth of addiction and personality type play a big part.

Does out patient rehab work?
This is usually recommended as a program after primary care has been completed.

Which is the best rehab?
There are a number of good ones, so investigation is required.  One is inclined to make quick decisions as the situation is often of a critical nature.

Will a rehab fix my loved one?
It certainly has the best chance to put them on a good path to recovery, only your Problem Person can digest the lessons and the desire for a ‘clean’ life.

How much tuck money should I give?
This advice will be given to you by the counsellors.

What should I supply or not?
As above.

Are there special programs for kids or do they join the adults?
They are usually separated.

What is a halfway house?
Outpatients and halfway houses have their part to play and are ostensibly where the Problem Person commits to meetings and treatment while living in another location.

Should I send my loved one to a half way house?
These debates should take place with your counsellor/Psychologist.