Drug/Substance and Behavioural problems related

Drug/Substance and Behavioural problems related

Is hubbly bubbly addictive?
Extremely so, as it has been said that one hour of smoking a hubbly bubbly is equivalent to approximately 200 cigarettes.

Can we take the kids away, as loved ones are using drugs?
The courts can consider this as an option, but should be conducted in conjunction with the relevant police and drug squads who are generally
well versed with these issues.

Who will get the kids?
As above, the authorities need to be certain that they are going to safe homes.

How can I see my loved one is on drugs without doing the drug test?
TOUGHLOVE® will teach you these methodologies as we actually focus on behaviours and boundaries in the home – testing could come as a logical
consequence of bad behaviour.

I need proof that my love one is using
We deal in unacceptable behavioural patterns; this is in fact the “fingerprint” you use to start dealing with the issues relating to your Problem Person.

My love one is only using dagga?
Never use this as an excuse; (It’s OK they are all doing this!! Is a common response) Marijuana is a gateway drug to others and should be
taken very seriously.

Is it ok to have a relapse?
It is quite common for your Problem Person to relapse but must be taken as seriously as the original problem.  If however they conducted a
comprehensive rehabilitation process initially then these tools often help them to recover quicker this time around.

What will make them relapse?
Your Problem Person will usually have identified their specific triggers in rehab.

Do we treat self mutilation the same as any addiction?
Most certainly as it is a symptom of various personality disorders.

Self mutilation is there a support group?
TOUGHLOVE® can certainly help.

Sex addiction where to go?
As the disorders above.

Sex addiction family support groups?
As above.

My problem person is isolating what can I do?
As above.